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Cookies are baked goods that are a staple pastry for people all over the world. All countries and continents have traditional and unique pastries, but in our opinion, Asian pastries are the leaders when it comes to innovation and unique ingredients. From sweet sesame to green tea, you can find all the flavors in our collection of Asian cookies. Particular countries in Asia, such as Japan, China, and others, even have special traditions related to cookies. With so many cookies to try, we’ll walk you through the diverse range of Asian cookies we love here at Yummy Bazaar.

Try the Variety of Pocky Sticks

Different Asian countries have slightly different characteristics when it comes to cookies. For example, in Japan one of the most popular cookies are pocky sticks that come in a variety of flavors. In our store, you can find flavors like Classic Milk Chocolate Pocky Sticks, Crunchy Strawberry Pocky Sticks, or Almond Crush Pocky Sticks. The latter will be particularly admired by those who adore authentic Asian almond cookies. We also recommend sampling Meiji Matcha Green Tea Cookie Sandwiches. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll want more and more.

Find Authentic Asian Almond Cookies and More

From Taiwan, we have the famous I Mei cookies that will surely make your evening dessert special. You can find lots of different cookies from this brand on our website, such as their Pumpkin Seed and Almond Cookies, Peanut and Sesame cookies, or the Choco Roll Taro cookies. This Taiwanese household name will delight you with their pastries, especially because they’re crafted through over 70 years of traditional baking methods.

Orion is a top-selling cookie brand on our website. Innovative and delightful, their products are dearly beloved and always in demand. In particular, their Gosomi Sweet Sesame Cookies. They carry a mildly sweet and slightly sour taste to fill your mornings and evenings with warmth and joy.

Another great option for Asian cookies if you want to mix and match are the sweet Wafer Roll Cookies Assorted Variety Gift Box by Triko. These are made in Taiwan and will be loved by anyone. Alternatively, you can try the Hello Kitty Wafer Sticks Gift Box, particularly beloved by kids for the iconic Hello Kitty character and the sweet treats in the box.

For more unusual yet authentic Asian cookie options, try Iwamoto’s Egg Biscuits from Japan, or Taiwanese Pancake Cookies by Jing Jih Jen.

Get Asian Cookies Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

There are so many Asian cookie options here at Yummy Bazaar, with products coming straight from various Asian nations. Our entire assortment of Asian cookies are offered at excellent prices, while the delivery process is simple and fast. Additionally, you get free shipping on orders over $59! Shop with us for a smooth and convenient shopping experience.