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Asian candies are worth celebrating, and we offer a long list of sweet treats from various regions across the continent. From India to China, and Japan to Korea, Yummy Bazaar has the best treats through our online Asian candy store.

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For starters, we offer a wonderful collection of Asian jelly candies from Taiwan. Made from different fruit flavors, these gummy, sweet, and fruity treats will become your go-to option among the Asian candy assortment. Try out Jin Jin Mango Jelly Cups with Coconut Jelly Chunks, offering both the sweet and tart flavors, or I Mei Red Bean Jelly Yokan, made from sweet red bean paste.

If you are looking for other kinds of Asian gummy candy, Yummy Bazaar also features a list of Japanese brands. Some of our favorites include Japanese Jelly Candy with Strawberry Flavor by An-an. This product is sweet and fun to snack on. For marshmallow lovers, Tenkei offers a Japanese Marshmallow Candy with Apple Pudding which is soft, sweet, and aromatic. Our other favorites include Morinaga Hi-Chew Ramune Cola Soda Pop Chewy Candy, and Hi-Chew Strawberry Chewy Candy.

Whether you like hard or chewy candy, Yummy Bazaar has you covered. For hard Asian candy lovers, we have products like Guava Hard Candy by Hongyuan, a green, hard candy, full of guava flavor. For lovers of softer chewy candy, we have Want Want Chewy Strawberry Hot Milk Candy. It is a strawberry-flavored milk candy. Both of these candies are authentically Chinese and are shipped straight to your door by Yummy Bazaar.

Besides the traditional varieties of Asian candies, there are also more unique options in Yummy Bazaar’s Asian candy store. Hapi Botan Rice Candy is perfect for those who love citrus flavor in these refreshing, soft and delicious rice treats from Japan. We also recommend taking a look at Super Cola Sour Fizzy Japanese Candy by Nobel, Meiji Candy Chelsea Butterscotch, and Yogurt Scotch.

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Yummy Bazaar is a fast-evolving online food store based in the United States. It offers a variety of incredible and unique products from all around the world. If you are looking for the best Asian candy, then Yummy Bazaar is the place to find it. Here you can find everything from Asian candy box varieties to jellies, cakes, and more.

This entire palette of products is offered at excellent prices, while the delivery process is simple and fast. Additionally, you get free shipping on orders over $59! These features will undoubtedly make Yummy Bazaar your new go-to online store.