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Experience luxurious French candied chestnuts: shop Artisan Provencal chestnuts online at Yummy Bazaar!

If you're looking for natural, authentically premium French sweet treats, we've got something exceptional for you. Candied chestnuts, also known as marrons glaces, are extremely popular during the Christmas season in France. The process of crafting these luscious treats is very time-consuming and complicated, making them one of the most expensive French confections with a uniquely soft texture and a sweet, nutty flavor unlike anything else.

To bring you the most authentically produced French candied chestnuts, we at Yummy Bazaar have created a selection of Artisan Provencal candied chestnuts so you can experience this luxurious French dessert made in an artisanal method.

What's so special about Artisan Provencal marrons glaces? The secret lies in the superior quality of ingredients and a careful crafting process. It all starts with sorting and choosing only the most perfectly round, smooth, and flavorful chestnuts. After the boiling and peeling process takes place, each chestnut is sorted once again. The final stage of cooking each chestnut in rich vanilla syrup takes up to two days to perfectly seep into the very heart of each candied chestnut. The finished product? Superior quality Artisan Provencal chestnuts with lusciously sweet and nutty flavors from France. These candied chestnuts in tin packaging contain individually wrapped candies, so you can take them with you to snack on wherever you'd like!

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