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Enjoy the taste of nature with Apidis honey

Mixed in with some green tea, drizzled on top of pancakes, used as a natural sweetener for your baked goods or even as a flavor boost for some of the best culinary experiments - honey is the ultimate gift from nature. It’s comforting, flavorful, aromatic, and sweet enough to make your throat feel like it’s being tickled by the world’s softest feather! So it’s only right that when it comes to this scrumptious nectar, we give you the best option straight from France! This selection of Apidis French honey is bound to supply you with some brand new pantry staples!

Honey is always better with honeycomb

With a history that spans over 120 years, Apidis is a brand formed by time and experience. What started as a family-owned business made up of 100 hives has now become one of the largest productions in all of France. Apidis won over the hearts of French customers with their perfectly balanced flavors of raw honey with honeycomb, as well as honey-flavored candies and baked goods. Their goal has always been to search for quality and respect traditions, which, as the Perronneau family believes, is the main secret behind their enormous success.

And while it’s unfair to judge what we’ve regarded as a gift of nature based on its taste and quality, we still have to admit that among all the delicious flavors, the Acacia honey with honeycomb is easily one of the best things we’ve ever tasted. Melt-in-your-mouth, aromatic, and delightfully sweet - it’s perfect for just about anything! Tailor-made to add wonderful flavors of the French countryside to your teas, bakes, and morning pieces of warm buttery toast. Once you try the first spoonful, there is no way you’ll be able to forget this flavor explosion and simply move on without making it a staple of your kitchen!

Hint: Get your favorite butter out of the fridge for a moment to let it soften, and then mix a few spoonfuls with our Acacia honey until fully combined to make the easiest, most delicious spread known to man that is honeybutter! Enjoy it with some pancakes, waffles, or a beautifully toasted piece of sourdough bread!

Perfect for all your honey-based recipes, these incredible creations from Apidis will leave you wanting more! So don’t waste time and indulge in all of the most exquisite flavors delivered to your door straight from the open fields of France!

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