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No pantry is ever complete without at least a few versatile spice and herb seasonings. Even just a sprinkle of spice can elevate any dish without needing a massive list of ingredients. Mediterranean kitchen primarily consists of dishes with a variety of seasonings, and today, we are going to dive into the French culinary world of herbs and spices so that you can take your home cooking to the next level with Anysetiers du Roy Herbs!

What began as a restaurant located in Paris in the 1960s soon became a successful producer of uniquely special blends of herbs and spices. Anysetiers du Roy truly took off when they created a special aromatic herbs blend that included lavender flowers. With distinct, eco-friendly stoneware pot and clay packaging, this brand has become one of the most unique French seasoning producers.

Every French chef and home cooking enthusiast knows the importance of having a perfect mixture of herbs that bring out the best flavors in any meal. What’s the number one herb mixture that every French cook knows? You guessed it, Herbes de Provence! With a combination of thyme, savory, basil, lavender flowers, and fennel, Anysetiers du Roy herbs of Provence will quickly become a cooking staple in your kitchen. Brought to you in a beautiful ceramic jar, this blend will become a part of your everyday cooking routine without a doubt! Enjoy this classic blend for preparing your favorite savory dishes. Try sprinkling it over salads, vegetables, adding some to your sauces, or using it as a finishing touch to your chicken or fish.

Anysetiers du Roy French herbs come in a variety of blends. If you want to add a distinctly special flavor to your fish, Anysetiers du Roy French Herbs for Fish will add a hint of marjoram’s delicately sweet and slightly bitter taste. To add a layer of extra flavor to your pizza, make sure to grab a magical blend of Anysetiers du Roy French Herbs for Pizza with a touch of oregano spice.

To achieve the most flavorful and perfectly seasoned steak, add a nice touch of Anysetiers du Roy steak herbs to your meal to create the most aromatic steak with a fiery and pungent taste of crushed peppercorns and mustard seeds!

While fresh herbs can be undeniably incredible, especially when it comes to certain spices and mixes, Anysetiers du Roy dried French herbs are absolutely worth incorporating into your cooking as well, since the herbs are picked and dried in their prime, so they pack the most flavor and aroma possible! Apart from being more concentrated and potent than fresh herbs, dried ones are far stronger, so naturally, even just a sprinkle can do wonders to any dish!

One of the most powerful herbs native to the Mediterranean region is thyme. With its sharp, almost minty, and earthy flavor, Anysetiers du Roy dried thyme makes for a welcome addition to your salads, poultry, rice, vegetable, and potato dishes. This versatile Mediterranean herb is often used to craft the most delicious and aromatic soups as well as sauces. The ideal vegetable mix? Anysetiers du Roy dried French rosemary is the answer! With its pronounced lemon-pine flavor, rosemary is simultaneously peppery and woodsy, making it perfect for enhancing the taste of peas, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cream sauces. And, of course, no French pantry can exist without the sweet & spicy oregano blend. Anysetiers du Roy French oregano will be the culinary guide to creating the most delicious salads, chicken, and meat dishes, as well as marinades and stuffings.

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