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Discover the many flavors of classic French candy with Anis de Flavigny

When it comes to sweet treats, no one does it quite like the French! They have a unique ability to combine simple, classy ingredients and make something utterly luxurious. Every French delight seems like it was tailor-made to become a classic, and none more so than the renowned anise candy! And when it comes to these legendary French candies, Les Anis de Flavigny is clearly winning the race!

With a history that spans centuries, anise candy is one of the oldest treats you can find in a modern grocery store. These tried and tested flavors have remained global favorites for hundreds of years, and with a good reason! Dedication to quality, history, and culture behind this magnificent candy is what has been driving Anis de Flavigny since the moment of its establishment, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that to this day, the brand remains a household name in France.

Are you up for some classic flavors? It’s anise candy we’re talking about, of course, you are! Whether you go for the tangy orange anise candy or with the refreshing blackcurrant anise flavor, you’re guaranteed to experience some of the most delicately balanced tastes the culinary world has to offer. Bright, zesty, sweet, and refreshing - all of that in a single pearl of class and tradition!

Or maybe you have a more elaborate taste? Not that big on settling for safe options? In that case, a couple of authentic French aromas might do the trick! Give some of the incredible Anis de Flavigny violet drops a go! These mischievous flavors won’t let your palette get bored and will open your mind to some brand new sensations! You could also go for the fanciest of all - rose anise candy, or take a chance on the most controversial flavor of all with our licorice anise candy - whichever route you choose, excitement is guaranteed!

While it’s true that looks can be deceiving at times, these French candies are just as delicate, exquisite, well-balanced, and luxurious as they look. Stored away in beautiful tins that can make you nostalgic for Paris of the past without ever having seen it, anise candies are easily the most aesthetically pleasing, as well as utterly delicious treats you will ever find! Whether you choose to go for lemon, coffee, or mint-flavored options, the final effect will remain just as strong! So don’t hesitate - peruse our selection and discover all of the most decadent delights Les Anis de Flavigny has to offer!

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