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Alexian Pate, Specialty European-Style Meat Products

Alexian Pate and Specialty Meats offers consumers premium-quality European-style products, like pate, mousses, and ballotines.

The primary focus of the team behind Alexian is on creating artisanal meat products that are equal in quality to gourmet-grade European products through sustainable production processes. They only use meat from vendors who can certify that their practices are humane and sensitive and use materials that promote responsible forest management for their packaging.

Alexian pates and mousses are made only with natural ingredients, without any additives, preservatives, or filters. They also don't use hydrolyzed plant protein as a flavor enhancer, so the products are gluten-free.

Through this meticulous process, Alexian was able to craft unique recipes that both respect the original and give it a special spin, giving it a flair that's unmistakably unique to the company. And you can enjoy Alexian's pate even if you've given up animal product consumption, as they have an assortment of vegetarian and vegan pates, as well.

Buy Alexian Pate and Mousses Online

Check out the collection of Alexian pates and mousses at Yummy Bazaar's online store, and have your favorite delivered right to your door quickly and easily! Check out pheasant and rosemary pate; pork, chicken, and truffle mousse, or duck liver and pork mousse with cognac if you're interested in giving unique flavors a try. Or maybe you're craving something classic? In that case, try the goose liver mousse or Pate de Campagne. Alexian has you covered on both fronts.