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Start your dabbling in Asian culinary arts with Akagi udon noodles!

Kneaded to perfection, Akagi Japanese udon noodles are every foodie's dream come true! Pleasantly plump and delicate, indulging in these noodles is the ultimate relaxation method! Made from premium quality ingredients from the Gunma prefecture, Akagi is famous for its exquisite flavor and perfect texture signature to Japanese udon noodles only! If you want to enjoy the distinctive flavors of Japan at Yummy Bazaar, you have the luxury of getting your hands on this delight without leaving the comfort of your home!

What we love about these Japanese noodles is that they’re freakishly versatile! Once you stock up on Japanese udon noodles and veggies, your culinary options will be limitless! Our favorite way to enjoy the essence of these udon noodles is by making deliciously golden stir-fried yaki udon noodles! If veggies aren't enough, feel free to add pork slices and fresh scallions for maximum joy! But if you're short on time, coming back home well into the evening from a meeting-filled day at work, toss them in your favorite salads and embellish your quick late-night dinners! With Akagi, everything will taste extravagant!

Eureka! We've discovered the perfect Japanese udon noodles for you to treat your taste buds!

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