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Freshen up and add a hint of unique Asian flavors to your drinks: Shop Aiken essence water online!

Are you looking for a tasty and balanced way to add a uniquely sweet touch to your beverages, desserts, and shaved ice, or simply enjoy a refreshing drink? If so, then keep on reading to not miss out on something exceptionally special! Our curated collection of Aiken essence water will bring your taste buds a naturally sweet flavor packed with nutrients from unique grains straight from Taiwan!

What's so special about Aiken's essence water? The producer of this beverage, AGV, is a Taiwanese manufacturer of healthy recreational snacks and drinks. Known for the mission of providing nutritional options to the consumers, Aiken provides drinks made with high-quality ingredients, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors. So keep on reading to discover our incredible selection of nutrient-packed essence water and choose your favorite!

Let's begin, shall we? Our selected flavors might seem a little unusual, but they are packed with unique flavors exclusive to China and Japan. The number one on our list? It's none other than Aiken Azuki essence water enriched with refreshingly light and sweet flavors of red beans. What's so special about this water? Apart from its main ingredient being the famed adzuki beans, Aiken Azuki essence water makes for an excellent way to enjoy a refreshing drink packed with vitamins and minerals along with authentic azuki flavors.

What else have we got? Aiken Hatomugi essence water, also known as job's tears essence water. Sounds a little odd, right? Job's tears are a type of grain related to corn. This Asian barley is packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, making this essence water not only tasty but also very nutritious. With its slightly sweet and creamy flavor, Aiken job's tea essence water makes for a nutty and delicious drink similar to barley tea. Whether you'd like to enjoy our selected azuki or hatomugi essence water, you're guaranteed to experience the most exquisite Asian flavors with little to no calories!

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