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Taste the most exquisite pasta of your life - Shop Agnesi pasta online!

Are you a pasta fanatic? Most of us are! A magnificent dish originating from Italian cuisine can be one of the most versatile, easy, and delicious meals to prepare. The original creators of pasta, Italians, truly know the secret of creating inimitable pasta dishes made from superior quality durum wheat semolina and protein-packed eggs. To guide you and help you choose the best pasta of your life, we have compiled a selection of unparalleled Agnesi pasta so you can experience the most authentic specialty pasta straight from Italy!

What’s so special about Agnesi pasta? It is the oldest Italian pasta factory, with its roots dating back to 1824 when the Agnesi sailing ship crossed seas to explore and discover the finest durum wheat semolina varieties. Agnesi ensures the use of top-quality wheat varieties from all over the world and the incorporation of eggs in their recipes to create pasta that never overcooks or sticks. Agnesi pasta is always al dente!

We simply cannot talk about Italian pasta without bringing up one of the most popular pasta varieties beloved by Italians, and that is bucatini - a long strand pasta with a hollow center capable of retaining velvety pasta sauces so you can enjoy more sauce with each bite. If you want that satisfying witness full of sauce flavor, get a pack of Agnesi pasta bucatini and create your own masterpiece. For a more Italian gourmet pasta dish, craft your very own Bucatini Carbonara and enjoy!

For a thicker sauce like meat, pesto, and tomato, thin Agnesi pasta Trofie Liguri will make for the most enjoyable, quick, and easy pasta that will save you time and help you create the most scrumptious pasta dinner!

Are you all about herbaceous and nutritious meals but don’t have much time to prepare them? We have a recipe you can complete in just under 10 minutes! You simply cannot go wrong with Agnesi pasta egg tagliatelle in a pack full of spinach-flavored ribbons and spaghetti-like flat pasta. Cook this nutritious pasta in just about 6 minutes, top with tomatoes and pecorino cheese to create an unforgettable meal completed in just under 10 minutes! It’s so light and delicious, you can even enjoy it at night! For a more elegantly classic dish, make sure to add some fresh herbs of your choice along with pepper and ground salt to Agnesi Italian egg pasta in order to achieve a classy Italian meal while saving time and money.

Want something uniquely special? Nothing can top a good Agnesi pasta mafaldine when it comes to distinct chewiness and smooth texture. With its wavy edges and wide flat shape, this pasta allows you to create versatile dishes. For the most classically Italian way, add a drizzle of fresh lemon juice and soft broccoli with a sprinkle of Italian seasonings and parmesan cheese.

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