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For the coolest of summers, buy A’ Siciliana soda online!

Each season has a flavor that fits it the most - autumn is for cinnamon and apple, winter is for nutmeg and ginger, spring is for lavender and rose, and, perhaps the most satisfying of all, summer is for citrus and tropical fruit.

Nothing beats a cold glass of something tangy, bright, zesty, and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. As soon as those tiny drops of condensation start rolling down the fogged-up glass in your hand, you know you’re in for a treat. At that moment, you feel like even the sun knows that it’s lost its power on you - you’ve emerged victorious from the eternal battle between humans and our dissatisfaction with the weather.

So it’s only fair that we make sure your odds against the biggest star in our galaxy are even. And in order to do that, we went all the way to the shores of Sicily. Can you guess what we brought back? Dive headfirst into our breezy selection of A’ Siciliana limonata and find out for yourself!

Of course, we had to bring back some of the juicy, plump, lively flavors of Sicilian lemons. They aren’t the entire region’s pride and joy for no reason. Each Sicilian lemon tastes like an extra drop of sunshine has been added to it - they are bursting with life, and so are the sodas from A’ Siciliana. Give their classic lemon soda a go, and the heat will never even stand a chance against you! You might think that this is a familiar taste, but the natural flavors of A’ Siciliana lemon soda are guaranteed to surprise you nonetheless. With higher fruit content than other fizzy drinks on the market, these Sicilian beauties are not easily defeated!

As for a bit of improvisational fun, how about some cocktails all of your friends are going to love? Should we make some Sicilian Palomas? Combine dry gin, citrus mix, bergamot liquor, a dash of citrus and pepper cordial, shake it all up, pour over a generous amount of ice, and top everything off with the same quantity of A’ Siciliana Arancia Rossa - blood orange soda. It’s a treat that none of your upcoming house parties should go without!

So peruse our selection of Sicilian soda and never fear the scolding heat of summer sun ever again!

Enjoy summer without fearing its heat, with A’ Siciliana soda from Yummy Bazaar!

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