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Aromas that span centuries with A L’Olivier olive oil

From untouchable classics like the 1822 collection to modern flavors like pineapple and basil, A L’Olivier is leading the field when it comes to French olive oil! Established in the heart of Paris almost 200 years ago, this brand has managed to keep all the best parts of the traditional flavors while simultaneously taking them up to a new level. And when it comes to something as decadent, rich, and luxurious but at the same time as irreplaceable and crucial as oil, it should come as no surprise that the most influential brand is also the one that manages to combine the best of both worlds most efficiently!  

So peruse our selection of A L’Olivier vinegar and oils to discover your brand new favorites! Choose boldly and never let your pantry go without a few flavors from this exquisite French brand!

From pure extra virgin olive oil to the most aromatic garlic and thyme oil - there is no end to all the wonderful flavors you can opt for! A L’Olivier’s 1822 collection combines all of the most stunning French aromas within beautiful packages that will make you want to get every single tin for decoration alone! Whether it be the addition of lemon olive oil, some Provencal herbs, a bit of basil infusion, or the most luxurious truffle extra virgin olive oil, your kitchen is bound to burst with the most enticing smells! And if you want something completely extraordinary, give marjoram olive oil a go! There is a reason why we’ve kept these flavors around for almost two centuries! And a single drizzle of this magical concoction on top of your salad or pasta will make you understand what it is!

How about some modern flavors? Like the most exquisite pineapple and basil oil? Maybe even a touch of tang with a dash of French vinegar? Try a bit of A L’Olivier passion fruit vinegar, and you’ll know just what we mean! From red pepper to blackcurrant, mango, grapefruit, tarragon, and even balsamic vinegar spray, this collection has the power to transform your cooking single-handedly! Their coconut and lime vinaigrette is as high a state as French vinegar can achieve - and we know it doesn’t get any better than that!

So add a bit of French flair to all of your meals with the most decadent olive oil from A L’Olivier, and forget what bland food even tastes like!

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