Truffle Risotto

This deeply satisfying Truffle Risotto is a complete meal on its own. White truffle oil elevates the traditional Italian recipe to an entirely new level with minimal extra work. You’ll be amazed by how just a few tablespoons of high-quality Italian truffle-infused oil can bring plain arborio rice to life.

Making Risotto at Home

The risotto cooking method is a slow and careful process. Arborio is the most popular rice variety for risotto because it is readily available and easy to cook. Arborio is more forgiving than other higher-end varieties of risotto rice, such as carnaroli and vialone nano.

However, you can easily experiment with a different Italian rice grain in this decadent recipe. Try them all and see which you prefer to cook and eat.

Adding Truffle Flavor

While you experiment with different rice varieties, the one thing to not leave out of this classic Italian dish is the truffle oil. This oil is made by infusing extra-virgin olive oil with real Italian white truffles. The result is a burst of earthy, deeply umami flavor in every drop of this liquid gold.

Finish off your rice dish with an extra boost of truffle flavor from truffle salt from Pebeyre. This unique ingredient adds an extra layer of texture that’s perfect for finishing dishes. It has the added benefit of both seasoning your rice and infusing it with a deeper truffle flavor. Once you give this product a try, it’s one you’ll soon find yourself reaching for to top everything from eggs to pasta to salads.

Serving Suggestions

Serve this fragrant truffle risotto dish all on its own, or with a light green salad tossed in a vinaigrette to liven up your palate. Or, you can go all-in on decadence and pair it with a hearty roast or braised meat dish to feed a hungry crowd. However you choose to serve your truffle risotto, you can count on there being no leftovers!

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