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What if we told you that there's a quick & easy way to upgrade Neapolitan pizza and porous egg pasta made at home?! Intriguing, right? We're sure our dear home cooks know that flour quality is crucial when it comes to achieving a perfect texture of what might turn out to be the most delicious homemade pasta, fresh pizza, or anything else in between. You're probably familiar with chickpea, plantain, teff, and various famous specialty flour, generously populating shelves across every grocery store. However, even the most dedicated home-bakers usually don't include the specialty Italian 00 flour in their recipes. That's because Italian 00 flour is quite challenging to scout, but don't worry. On Yummy Bazaar, we curated an online selection of 00 Italian flour, packed with products from Divella, Molino Grassi, Antimo Caputo & more. We think it's time Italian 00 flour left the shadows & we're here to tell you why you should welcome this versatile pantry staple with arms wide open.flour and egg on a black table

All About Italian Flour

Let's quickly break down the ABC of the category before you experiment and test the waters with Italian 00 flour, shall we?

If you thought double zeros were confusing, wait for 0, 1, and 2 to prettify the package of sought-after Italian flour! Don't be scared - the numbers are there to indicate the grind. We're used to categorizing flour by protein content in the US, so it might be challenging to translate your Italian flour into American right away. Just remember: the smaller the number, the finer the grind is. So, naturally, Italian 00 flour is as refined as they get! If you're dedicated to diving deeper, you might want to look at the wheat used. Italian flour usually calls for Semola or Semola Rimacinata, also known as semolina. It comes from durum wheat and is prized for its signature yellow color, perfect for making fresh pasta at home. While Italian semolina flour is excellent for eggless cuts, Semola Rimacinata (meaning re-milled twice), aka 00 flour, is ideal for porous egg pasta.

Now moving on to Italian 00 flour, it's thought to be the gold standard in Italy. As the most refined type, it contains at least 99.45% endosperm, as regulated by the Italian government. The endosperm is one of the three components that make up the grain anatomy, along with germ and bran. Unlike its counterparts, the endosperm is the starchiest piece, taking up the largest part. While it's almost impossible and very time-consuming to make 100% endosperm flour, Italian 00 flour flies quite close to the sun. It's made from premium quality bran and germ-removed grain, milled several times to achieve signature baby powder-like characteristics.homemade ravioliThe number 00 frequently confuses those used to the American baking aisle, but you have to remember that Italian 00 flour isn't low in protein (gluten) - don't let double zeros deceive you. Let’s repeat one more time - numbers only indicate the mill quality. To make things easier, Italian 00 flour, as a general rule, ranges similar to all-purpose flour with 11-13% protein content. However, you can always double-check by looking up the variety of wheat used. The gluten content of Italian 00 flour is just chef's-kiss for pizza dough - it yields a chewy texture yet crispy crust without a springy center (if you've ever opted for all-purpose bread flour when making pizza, you probably know what we mean).

Why Is Italian 00 Flour So Much Better?

Fine Italian 00 flour is deemed a multi-purpose secret weapon, thanks to the convenient gluten content and texture it yields. The golden standard Italian flour makes responsive dough - as a general rule, it hardly tears, even when you roll it into Neapolitan-style pizza, delicate tagliatelle strips, or lasagna layers. While it might seem like an irrelevant nuance, the effortless rolling of dough is something every baker appreciates. Unlike the classic, non-durum wheat all-purpose flour, Italian 00 flour yields a chewier texture without being puffy or stretchy. The finely ground Italian 00 flour, thanks to its fine grind, absorbs more water than other flours. So, you'll need less water to achieve your desired consistency.

So, let’s circle back to your question - why Italian 00 flour is special? Here’s our answer: Italian 00 flour yields thin, elastic dough with less water. It also has higher protein content and easily achieves dense texture, perfect for fresh pasta, pizza, and some pastries! It's sturdy to knead but easy enough to shape. So, to sum it up, the fine grind of the Italian 00 flour indicates more delicate dough, less water, better hold-up to temperature, and chewy texture.dough and sprinkled flour on a table

Where Can I Buy Italian 00 Flour, You May Ask

Well, after reading all about Italian 00 flour and the moreish texture it yields, it's no surprise that you're asking this question. Luckily for you, Yummy Bazaar can save you a trip. We have curated an online assortment of Italian 00 flour packing various Italian brands at one place for your convenience. Feel free to look inside; the collection is generously stocked with Selezione Casillo, Molino Camema, Molino Grassi & more. However, if you're looking for a professional line of Italian 00 flour, it's Antimo Caputo you want to get your hands on!

Antimo Caputo has been making professional-caliber flour and other baking essentials for nearly a century now. The brand has been deemed an uncontested leader on the market, with every product developed with great respect to Italian traditions and premium quality raw materials. Antimo Caputo is loved for the slow grinding technique, ideal for preserving pure organoleptic characteristics of premium wheat sourced from Umbria, Marche, and other popular wheat-producing regions in Italy. Antimo Caputo's Italian durum wheat semolina is frequently mixed with France, Germany, and Finland, too. On top of everything else, Antimo Caputo's flour, milled by the Neapolitan masters, is free from artificial enzymes and additives.

So, if you want to stock up your pantry with Italian excellence, Antimo Caputo's 00 flour will be a perfect choice! It's made with soft wheat flour, doubling as pastry flour. However, Antimo Caputo's 00 flour is ideal for a long fermentation process - it's what authentic Italian pizza needs. If we've tempted you, or you just want to try out superpowers and super crust of Italian 00 flour yields, take a look at our recipe of Neapolitan-style inspired pizza, give it a try, and share your thoughts with us!Neapolitan PizzaSo, there are lots of reasons to love Italian 00 flour - texture it yields, elasticity, and overall yet-to-be-matched quality of durum wheat. The fabled Italian flour is perfect for pizza, egg pasta, pastry with thin dough, and more! On Yummy Bazaar, we've combined various Italian brands for your convenience - you can get authentic Italian 00 flour online without boarding a plane. So, take a look, try Italian 00 flour yourself, and don't shy away from sharing with us how it lives up to the reputation!

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