Imoto Traditional Japanese Mixed Bean Crackers Adenishiki 8.8 oz. (249g)

by Imoto
$ 5.95

Crunchy and savory, these traditional Japanese mixed bean crackers adenishiki are simply delicious! You can enjoy them straight out of bag or mix them with popcorn for a different experience! 

  • Facts 8.8 oz. Product of Japan. 
  • Ingredients Wheat flour, rice flour, sugar, sesame seed, red pepper, broad bean, seaweed, peanut, soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt), flavor, salt, squid flavor, soybean, oil, lecithin (soy), curry powder, rice, starch, monosodium, glutamate, FD&C blue #1, yellow #5, #6, natural color (caramel, caroten).