ChoripDong Roasted Black Bean Paste Chunjang 1.1 lb (500g)

by ChoripDong
$ 4.95

Chunjang is a black, salty soybean paste that is used for making the sauce for jjajangmyeon, a very popular a Korean Chinese cuisine. It literally means “spring sauce.” What makes Korean chunjang different from the Chinese chunjang is that Korean chunjang contains caramel, creating a perfect balance of savory and sweet flavors. If you’re looking to make jjajangmyeon, this jar of chunjang will be one of the key ingredients!

  • Facts 1.1 lb. Product of Korea.
  • Ingredients Wheat Flour, Black Bean, Water, Salt, Caramel(Color), glucose, monosodium glutamate, disodium, ribonucleotide, potassium as preservative.