Hengstenberg - Gourmet Dijon Mustard, Germany (200 ml)

by Hengstenberg
$ 2.35

Dijon mustard is a popular favorite on sandwiches and brats; and any wise chef knows it's a must-have in the pantry, perfect for creating sauces for chicken, beef and all types of meats. This Dijon mustard is outstanding, since it comes from the house of Hengstenberg. Since 1876, connoisseurs throughout the world have prized Hengstenberg specialties, including delicately savory vinegar flavors, traditional sauerkraut, German mustards and mild red cabbage. The name Hengstenberg stands for quality and taste. You will absolutely love the rich, zippy flavor of Hengstenberg's Dijon Mustard. Just like a good wine, Hengstenberg mustards and sauces perfectly compliment the German meal. Produced in Dijon, France. Packed in Germany

  • Ingredients: water, mustard grains, vinegar, salt, acidulant: citric acid, antioxidant: potassium metabisulphite. 

Keep refrigerated after opening.