Hengstenberg - Gherkin Spears in Spicy Herbs, Germany, oz. (670 g)

by Hengstenberg
$ 6.30

Packed in delicious spicy vinegar with mustard seeds and natural herbs, these Sticksi pickle slices add crunchy freshness to your table any day of the year. These hearty, medium-sized long pickle slices will sit perfectly on your plate next to burgers, brats and dogs. Since 1876, connoisseurs throughout the world have prized Hengstenberg specialties, including delicately savory vinegar flavors, traditional sauerkraut, German mustards and condiments. The name Hengstenberg stands for quality and taste. German Packaging.


Ingredients: Cucumbers, cinnamon vinegar, sugar, dill, salt, mustard seeds, natural, herbal spices flavors (contains mustard), dye riboflavin.