Olio Calvi - Italian Taggiasca Olives, 11 oz

by Olio Calvi
$ 5.95

After returning from the First World War, Giuseppe Calvi began his small business selling olive oil and olives in Oneglia Italy. Calvi began first started bottling his olive oil in demijohns and flasks which he sold in the neighboring regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. Very soon, he began to pack his oil in cans which he exported to the United States and South America, where the many Italian immigrants were using the olive oil of their beloved homeland. Today the company is known for its high quality olives and olive oil. Enjoy this delicious Taggiasca Olives from Italy. 

  • Facts 11.28 oz. Product of Italy. 
  • Ingredients Taggiasca Olives, water, Salt, Fine Herbs.