At Yummy Bazaar, we take great pride in curating only the finest, tastiest, highest-quality foods from around the world. We search the globe for the very best- so you don’t have to. And to ensure we only bring you the very best, our products go through a rigorous selection process before reaching our website.


We search the world looking for the latest, greatest, most delicious foods out there. We visit countries, cross rivers, hike mountaintops, even walk down dark alleyways searching for tasty hidden gems. We also scour the interwebs using highly advanced, space age technology (a.k.a Google) to discover delicious, high-quality foods that even your grandmother’s never heard of. 


Our favorite part of the curation process, this is where we get to taste the food to determine which ones make our selections and which get left behind. After all, if something’s delicious, you don’t really need an iron chef to tell you so – your taste buds will tell you all on their own.


When it comes to our food, we can be pretty picky. Only a small portion make the cut. Sometimes a taster even needs to do a little selling in order to convince the panel to sign off on a particular item. And selling isn’t exactly their strong suit. But us being picky means you only get the finest, most delicious foods to choose from. And in the end, that’s what we’re all about.

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