We are getting many customers who are interested in learning more about how to prepare German fried potatoes bratkartoffeln, our latest product, so we decide to share the simple instructions here with everyone.

First get German Fried Potatoes Bratkartoffeln by Dr. Knoll on Yummy Bazaar :) 

When you are ready to prepare German fried potatoes, simply grab a pan... 

Pour the potatoes from the foil into the pan. Remember, no need to add oil, salt or anything  - the potatoes come ready to be roasted in vegetable oil.

Place a lid...

Roast the potatoes in a pan for about 10 to 15 minutes on medium heat, occasionally stirring until golden.  

When the potatoes turn into beautiful gold color, sprinkle some dill (you could skip this step!)

All set and enjoy :)

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