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Showing 1 - 37 of 37 products
Mulino Bianco Baiocchi Cookies, 9.1 oz. (257g)
Mulino Bianco Abbracci Cookies, 12.3 oz. (348g)
Mulino Bianco Macine Cookies, 12.3 oz (350g)

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Mulino Bianco Cookies & Biscotti

The occasional treat of gourmet cookies and crackers is a delicious and relaxing addition to your schedule; taking a break to just concentrate on a scrumptious snack with some tea or coffee can really make a difference in your day.

The snack itself matters, too. You could go for your basic local supermarket cookie, which can be fun to eat, but if you really want a treat, something from Italy would be perfect. This is especially the case if you're from Italy or lived there for a time. Let memories of the comforts of home be a part of your daily routine with Mulino Bianco's line of cookies, toasts, biscuits, and crackers. Yes! Yummy Bazaar carries a range of their products, from crunchy cookies to smooth hazelnut spreads. Even if you can only enjoy these at your desk, take a few minutes to savor the flavors of foods that mentally transport you back to breezy terraces and sidewalk cafes.

If you like savory snacks, try Mulino Bianco's selection of small toasts and rusks, including the roll-like Granetti Classici. Flat toasts are available in whole wheat, malted barley, and cereal varieties, too. Top them with the spreads, meats, or chopped vegetables of your choice. We also carry classic and whole wheat crackers, with both salted and unsalted varieties ready for shipping. And if you're not really looking for a snack, but more of an accompaniment for a meal, Mulino Bianco's Pangri Classici breadsticks and Friabili Classic grissini offer the crisp appetizer you desire.

Of course, the real attractions in Mulino Bianco's inventory are the cookies. Do you like chocolate cookies? Shortbread? Fruit-filled? Combination-flavor cookies? Chunks of cocoa? They're here. You want them, you got them (and we ship fast). Have your chocolate and plain shortbread fix with Abbracci cookies, or satisfy your chocolate chip craving with Chicchi di Ciocolatto biscuits. Set up a fruit-filled tray with Cuor di Mela cookies with apple jam, Settembrini fig cookies, and Gemme biscuits with apricot jam. No matter what you feel like having, there's a Mulino Bianco cookie with your name on it.

Maybe you can't decide which cookie you want, or maybe you're not the one hankering for home, but your Italian neighbor or friend is. We have two gift sets available that contain a selection of cookies that will last you (or them) quite a while. Try the four-box Italian cookies gift set, with one box each of Abbracci, Macine, Baiocchi, and Campagnole. If you prefer cookies meant for earlier meals, try the Everybody Loves Mulino Bianco Italian Breakfast Cookie Gift, a six-box set of Cuor di Mela, Gemme, Galletti, Girotondi, Pannocchie, and Canestrini cookies.

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