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Take your cooking to the next level with Marinella!

Whether you want to add a touch of Italian spirit to your meals or simply cook a quick and easy dish while still enjoying Italian gourmet flavors, our carefully selected selection of Marinella’s cooking staples has got you covered! From the finest, luxurious, organically made balsamic vinegar of Modena to roasted peppers, dried pasta, and authentic Italian Risotto mixes, Marinella brings that mouth-watering kick to even the most basic dishes!

Italian cooking is nothing without the real Italian seasonings and herbs. Do you want to know what an Italian chef cannot live without? Oregano! This transformative herb is one of the essential elements of Italian cuisine. With its versatile yet distinctive flavor, Marinella’s dried Italian oregano is an inseparable ingredient of real authentic Italian pizza!

When you think of Italian food, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Let us guess… pasta, right? Sounds too ordinary, but a really great way to turn your typical Italian homemade pasta dinner into an unforgettable special meal would be to add a little bit of spice and flavor with piquant sauce! Marinella has made sure to prepare not only the most sophisticated and fragrant but also very easy to make dried pasta mixes! For all the spicy food lovers out there, we absolutely recommend trying a more pungent mix to liven up your pasta dish with Marinella Spaghettata Piccante. Its perfectly aromatic and tangy flavor will for sure not disappoint!

Speaking of dried mixes, Italian Risotto mix is an absolute must to any Italian pantry! Risotto is one of the most beloved, hearty, and creamy Italian rice dishes that cooks in just under 20 minutes, so it’s both delicious and convenient! Marinella brings the most authentic risotto mixes like Porcini Risotto Mix with Italian Carnaroli rice, simple yet very delightful Risotto mix with Saffron, and the most sophisticated of them all, Risotto Primavera, a perfect Risotto Mix with zucchini, pepper, and pumpkin!

Italy is well-known for its classic tomato varieties that are a massive part of Italian cuisine. This tangy and juicy ingredient adds an appetizing touch to a myriad of dishes. Marinella has made sure to bring the most authentic, organically grown varieties of fresh Italian canned tomatoes, from traditional Italian cherry tomatoes with basil and deliciously fragrant Italian tomato puree to whole fresh peeled plum tomatoes ready to be served straight out of the can!

Marinella has made sure to also include some of the most beloved sour and solid-flavored Mediterranean snacks, artichokes and anchovies! We love the exceptionally flavorful distinctive taste of Marinella’s Italian Anchovy Fillets that bring a perfect balance of luxurious taste and salty flavors. While anchovies are a great addition to sandwiches and salads, Italian grilled artichokes take the crown for having a rich, smokey flavor that’s versatile and can be incorporated into meat and fish dishes as well as pizza toppings, salads, and pasta!

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