June 08, 2017


Japanese Yuzu Juice: Make it Your Main Squeeze in Your Recipes

Sushi with Yuzu Soy Sauce

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If you like the freshness of citrus flavors, you’ll love Japanese Yuzu Juice. While you can certainly drink it on its own, it’s a wonderful secret weapon to make your dishes really shine with bright pops of flavor and just a hint of sour.

It’s important to note that all Yuzu Juice is not created equal. If you’re looking for a truly authentic, high quality taste, you’ll want to look for 100% Pure First Squeeze Japanese Yuzu Juice. First squeeze Yuzu Juice is of the highest quality because it is the purest form of the juice.

Japanese Yuzu Fruit

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Nothing compares to Japanese Yuzu Juice. It has a very complex taste and aroma with bright orange, tangerine, and lemon flavors. You can concoct some truly exquisite cocktails or even non-alcoholic libations with Japanese Yuzu Juice. You can also use it to create sophisticated salad dressings, use it with sushi, marinate seafood for ceviche, or cook it with meats and other vegetables. You can even make wonderfully light and citrusy desserts too.

Yuzu Curd Dessert

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There are so many dishes, beverages and desserts you can create with a bottle of Japanese Yuzu Juice. The juice is full of flavor, so you only need a little at a time for it to really make its mark.

Yuzu Drink

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One of the most notorious dishes that uses Yuzu Juice is from super chef Nobu Matsuhisa, owner of famous Nobu Restaurants. Chef Nobu incorporates Yuzu Juice in one of his most popular signature dishes: Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño. The combination of meaty Yellowtail, bright Yuzu and spicy Jalapeno make this dish truly unforgettable.

Try using Japanese Yuzu Juice with this outstanding recipe for Japanese shaved ice, Kakigori! This recipe is perfect for summertime!

Yuzu Kakigori

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4 Tablespoons Yuzu Juice (add as much or as little as you prefer for flavor)

1 Cup sugar

1 Cup water



  1. In a large saucepan or pot over medium heat, add in water and sugar.
  2. Once sugar dissolves, add Yuzu Juice. Turn down heat and simmer (about 7-10 minutes, the more time it simmers the more powerful the Yuzu flavor will be).
  3. Once you’ve gotten your desired flavor, transfer Yuzu syrup into a bowl and cool.
  4. Traditionally Kakigori requires a Kakigori machine, which is used to shave ice. However, if you do not posses a Kakigori machine, you can use a hand ice shaver, blender or food processor.
  5. Once you are finished shaving the ice, drizzle your Yuzu Syrup over the ice.
  6. This Kakigori is a perfect treat for warm summer days or nights!

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