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France has that unmatched glamor that makes everything sound so enchanting and tempting that it needs no further convincing, but French candy is something you should definitely try for yourself to get the taste of what you’re missing out on! And, if there’s something that French cuisine can do better than anyone else, it’s those suspiciously addictive, goes-down-way-too-easy luscious flavors, right?! That’s why nearly every region of the country has its unique bonbon - that’s candy in French. Steeped in history and centuries-old traditions, French candy has been honed to the art form of the confectionery world, and you’re about to enter the Louvre of candy!

We’re more than sure you’re already familiar with French goodies, such as classic pain au chocolat, croissants, and other pastry delights, and that might make you think you’re a kind of an expert in traditional delights. Well, we must tell the truth - you’re getting ahead of yourself. If you’ve not tasted Vichy’s pastilles or traditional calissons, then you can’t claim the title just yet. And we get just how elusive the goodness is - French honey candy or traditional bonbons are definitely far from something you can get your hands on in your local grocery store. But, hey, what’s why we are here for, right? In our French grocery store online, you’ll encounter myriads of traditional French delights and unique creations, ranging from pastilles and honey candy. So, to help you indulge your sweet tooth with style, we’ve devised a list of all the must-try French candy. Sounds good, right? So, for the love of French candies, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Legendary Pastilles Candy

Pastilles candy is one of the everyday indulgences of the French, and once you give it a taste, you’ll know exactly why. Some say pastilles are a type of lozenges meant to be chewed or dissolved. Easy to guess; at first, they, too, were created for medicinal purposes, but it turns out pastilles can quickly quench all cravings, too. Unlike traditional German lozenges, French pastilles candy is usually softer, more flavorful, and deemed a decadent after-lunch delight. There are a couple of names you should get acquainted with to really taste what French pastilles are revered for, and Vichy pastilles mints are definitely one of them! The legendary delights were born in 1828 out of the thermal mineral water from Vichy, France. They were dreamed up as a medicine, but now are enjoyed as refreshing pick-me-ups every day! And, since now you know where to buy Vichy mints online and any other pastilles, you can start refreshing your taste buds with traditional French candy, too!

Vichy pastilles


The Traditional Delight - Caramel Carambar Candy

The French love their caramel, and by the word love, we really mean adore! They really do, and Carambar candy can attest. Carambar French candy was born out of a happy accident - apparently, one of the manufacturing machines of the brand was malfunctioning, making longer candy bars than planned. Fortunately for all, Carambar has kept the unique shape, naming a new product Caram - bar. The perfectly chewy, caramelly French candy has always been popular, but now it has become the ultimate childhood classic! So, if you want to be five again just for a couple of minutes or know some expats who’d like to walk down the memory lane, the bag of caramel Carambar candy will help them do just that!

carambar candy and cake

Source: Carambar 

Exquisite French Lollipops

Now you might wonder what’s so different about French lollipops that make them deserving of a place on our list. Well, it’s true, lollipop candy is a fairly simple and straightforward concept that easily gets its job done, but can it be improved? Trust us, with just one look at our selection of French lollipops, you’ll know that, yes, it can be improved, and it can even be honed to the form of culinary art - and we’re not exaggerating. Pierrot Gourmand lollipops, adorned with fancy wrapping, are in the league of their own. They are sentimentally luscious and silky smooth, unlike those regular lollipops we got as a reward for finishing all of our homework on time. Founded in 1892, Pierrot Gourmand is responsible for creating one of the first French lollipops ever, and for those intrigued, it was milky caramel flavor! With more than centuries-old expertise, the brand remains one of the most sought-after delights not only in France but in neighboring countries, too. Pierrot Gourmand’s lollipops are on the mission to cheer up your little ones, but, we bet, you can’t resist them either.

Pierrot Gourmand lollipops with coffee

Source: Pierrot Gourmand

Of Course, Bergamotes de Nancy Candy!

The centuries-old classic treat has taken over the world of a sweet tooth by the storm, and here’s how. The simple French candy recipe calls for two main ingredients - cooked sugar and a splash of bergamot oil, but it’s way better than one could imagine from looking at this humble ingredients list. We guess it’s the bergamot’s doing. The fragrant hybrid of lime and orange adds pleasant bitterness to eye-catching golden candy and makes it way too easy to nibble on. The unique French candy was first made in 1850 and now is PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) protected, so you have to give it a try! The golden delight hails from Lorraine, and only four local confectioners are authorized to produce PGI Bergamot of Nancy - lucky for us all, Confiserie Stanislas is one of them!

Bergamote de Nancy Candy

Here Comes French Honey Candy

French honey candy needs no introduction - you either have had the pleasure of nibbling it or at least have heard about the unmatched lusciousness of it! Besides classic pastilles, honey candy plays a starring role in the traditional French confectionery world, but they serve the opposite purpose. While French pastilles are a type of quick refreshment you pop after a quick lunch, honey candy drops are pleasantly soothing treats - just think of them as honey tea in the form of drops! And, when it comes to honey, you know how the French get, right? In our extensive selection, you will find myriads of unique honey candy drops filled with everything from lemon to violet honey, all thanks to the know-how of fabled French confectioner - L'Abeille Diligente.

A Love Story of French Calissons

Unique French calissons can make you fall in love, or that’s what the food historians might tell you! According to the culinary lore, unimpressed Jeanne de Laval, forced to marry a much older guy - 45 years old, King Rene, has never smiled until the King brought her calissons - smooth and chewy almond treats! The traditional French candy can apparently serve as a matchmaker, too. So, since now you know where to buy calissons, there’s no palate you can’t conquer! With their smooth texture and nutty sweetness, calissons resemble classic marzipan treats. Still, unlike German delights, the traditional French candies are made with a paste of candied fruits. While some might argue that French calissons are more on the cookie or even pastry side, we just had to include them as a pride of place in our list!

Traditional French calissons

Finally, Magnificent French Dragees

Elegant French dragees are one of the most popular party favors - there’s no wedding or birthday celebration without the sight of these nutty delights in the hands. As a tradition, every guest is offered five tasty dragees, each for various good omens. They are thought to be first made in the 13th century to keep almonds fresh for longer. Well, whoever the dragee-creator was, they simultaneously reached and failed to achieve their goal - because they are suspiciously addictive and nearly impossible to keep around for longer than 5 minutes! French dragees are traditionally coated with a silky-smooth honey-sugar coating and sometimes even chocolate layers, but it’s the centerpiece that steals the spotlight. Along with classic almond dragees, in our extensive selection, you will also find some of the best French dragees with candied fruits, jellies, and even champagne raisins centers!

Francois Doucet dragees

Source: Francois Doucet

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