Wild Caught and Ocean Canned Pacific Saury by Dobroflot 8.6 oz

by Dobroflot
$ 4.95

We were intrigued by this fish because it is wild caught in the Pacific Ocean and then canned right on the ship to preserve as much freshness as possible.  Dobroflot is Russia’s largest seafood canning company and has been catching and processing fresh wild fish for about a century. The company is also famous for its floating fish cannery "Vsevolod Sibirtsev”, one of the two largest ship - canneries in the world. The ship spends 11 months at sea and produces 43 million cans per year. Many Russians enjoy Dobroflot’s saury with beer or vodka! 

  • Facts 8.6 oz. Product of Russia.
  • Ingredients Fish, salt, spicy.