Ultra Premium Ventresca Tuna Bonito del Norte by Don Bocarte 6.7 oz

by Don Bocarte
$ 44.45

Whichever your thoughts on canned tuna may be—it’s time to throw them out. This fresh tasting seafood snack is unlike any other. Don Bocarte has the luxury of a wonderful natural resource in the Bay of Biscay (northern Spain), home to some of the tastiest tuna in the world. It is here they prepare fresh, raw Bonito tuna, never freezing it and adding just the right amount of salt. It’s a pleasant surprise as compared to other often-too-salty canned tuna.

A carefully mastered cooking process of the ventresca, or tuna belly, brings out the most amazing flavor in this soft, juicy filet. Incredibly tender first bite, followed by an addictive aftertaste—it’s a tuna treat you’ll want to savor time and time again.

  • Facts 6.7oz. Product of Spain.
  • Ingredients White tuna, olive oil and salt.