La Bottega Traditional Italian Filei Pasta 17.6 oz

by La Bottega
$ 4.95

The Pirro Brothers established Pasta Pirro in 1986 and since then, they have tirelessly worked to reach their objective of obtaining excellent Made in Italy product. Pasta Pirro's pasta is made with pasta dough that is prepared at a low temperature to avoid causing thermal damage to proteins. Pasta goes through traditional slow drying process which takes between 16 and 30 hours, and low-temperature drying process to avoid altering the gluten structure. Painstaking attention is paid to the rigorous selection of excellent raw materials: durum wheat semolina with superior characteristics; high protein content; high gluten content; high granulometry values and a limited ash content. Enjoy this very special and delicious Filei Pasta by Pasta from Italy!

  • Facts 17.6 oz. Product of Italy.
  • Ingredients Durum wheat semolina pasta.