Squid Brand Fish Sauce 9.6 fl oz

by Squid Brand
$ 1.95

In 1944, Mr. Tien Chan decided he would start to produce a high quality fish sauce for the Thai community. Fish sauce, the most important ingredient in Thai cooking, used to be hand made by every Thai household. When the demand got so high, Mr. Tien Chan came to the rescue and thus, Squid Brand Fish Sauce was born! Because quality comes first, this Fish Sauce is one of the best around. It’s deliciously salty and can be used in place of soy sauce and even salt! With just a little bit of Fish Sauce, you can add an Asian twist to any marinade or salad dressing.

  • Facts: 9.6 oz. Product of Thailand. 
  • Ingredients: Extract (Fish) 77%, Salt 20%, Sugar 3%. This product contains: fish (Anchovy).