Catskill Provisions - Wildflower Spring Honey, 100% Raw, 12 oz

by Catskill Provisions
$ 11.85

Catskill Provisions is known for its high quality honey. This kosher honey is raw and never heated, which maintains all of the antioxidants and amino acids that are lost in large-scale produced honey. Once you try raw, pure honey, you won’t have it any other way. 

Spring Honey: light, golden honey harvested in early spring when bees feed on clover, apple, pear and cherry blossoms. This honey is best with light cheeses, fruit and yogurt.

Catskill Provisions is a company born out of the passion to make great local products. Located in a small corner of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, the company pride themselves for being avid beekeepers who supply high quality local products. 

  • Facts 12 oz. Product of USA
  • Ingredients Pure raw wildflower honey from New York State.