Smoked Hot Paprika D.O.P. Pimenton de la Vera, 2.65 oz

by Pimenton de la Vera
$ 3.50

Pimenton de la Vera, or paprika of Spain's La Vera region, is considered the finest and most well-known paprika in Spain. Chili pepper grown in this region enjoys the mild weather as well as plenty of rain throughout the year that the region has to offer. Farmers harvest the chili peppers starting in fall season. Once the chili peppers are ready, they are smoke-dried over wood fries, creating this very unique smoked paprika. Get a tin of this smoked Spanish paprika and make it your secret culinary weapon! 

What is D.O.P.? D.O.P. stands for Denominacion de Origen Protegida, or Protected Denomination of Origin. It is an EU designation referring to food products specific to a particular region or town conveying a particular quality or characteristic of the designated area. Among Spain's finest producers, you will see DOP a lot on their products. 

  • Facts 2.65 oz. Product of Spain.
  • Ingredients Paprika

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