Mouettes d'Arvor Sardines Rillettes with French Tomatoes 4.4 oz

by Mouettes d'Arvor
$ 5.95

The Conserverie Gonidec was created in 1959 by Jacques Gonidec and his parents in Concarneau, Brittany. He took the name of his favorite football team “Les Mouettes d'Arvor” (the seagulls of Arvor) for a line of top-quality sardines and fish. Now under the helm of the third generation, the company has expanded and updated its production facilities to meet European norms, while retaining its artisanal nature. Recipes are constantly improved and updated with new ingredients. The best oil and wines are used, the vegetables are all natural, and there is no artificial flavoring. Enjoy this delicious Sardines Rillettes with French Tomatoes from France!

  • Facts 4.4 oz. Product of France
  • Ingredients Flesh of sardines 61%, tomatoes 22%, onion puree, sunflower oil, stablizers: guar gum and locust bean seed, salt, spices.