Russian Gypsy Style Ketchup by Baltimor 11.6 oz

by Baltimor
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Ketchup is very popular in Russia and Baltimor is probably one of the highest quality and best-known ketchup brands in Russia. This product in non-GMO, contains no preservatives or aromatizers.  Interestingly, Baltimor doesn’t stand for Baltimore the city in the U.S. but rather it is the Russian word-combination for Baltic Sea, or Балтийское море (Baltiyskoe More). Unlike how ketchup is usually used on French fries or burgers here, Russian ketchup is used on a wide verity of foods, such as dumplings, rice, bread, chops, meats and fish and more. This Russian ketchup by Baltimor is different in that it has a local flavor and a mix of spices!

  • Facts 11.6 oz. Product of Russia.
  • Ingredients Water, tomato paste, glucose-fructose syrup, vinegar, tomato fiber, thickener E1442, salt, mustard seeds, sweet red pepper, onion, tomato slices, chilly pepper, sweetener saccharin (sodium salt).