Martin Pouret - Orleans White Wine Vinegar, 8.45 oz

by Martin Pouret
$ 5.95

Vinegar-making has been a prized tradition in Orléans for centuries - the vinegar merchants’ corporation was formed there in 1394. The city's strategic position on the Loire River accounts for its predominance: when Bordeaux wines being shipped to Paris turned bad (vin aigre = sour wine), they were unloaded at Orléans. Martin Pouret is the only vinaigrier in France still making vinegars according to the traditional Orléans process, in which high-quality wines are mixed with unpasteurized vinegar, or souche, and aged for at least one year in an oak casks. The resulting vinegars are less acidic and preserve the original perfumes and minerals of the wine.

  • Facts 8.45 oz. Product of France
  • Ingredients White wine vinegar, fresh tarragon, preservative: potassium disulphite