Biscuiterie de Provence Organic Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake, 7.9 oz (225 g)

by Biscuiterie de Provence
$ 8.90

In 1833, the Bédouin family sold unique local products on the stone-lined streets of Visan, Provence: lime blossoms, cherry stalks, apricot stones, and more. It was their almonds, however, that kept customers coming back. Future generations started creating and selling treats using their local nut, and thus The Biscuiterie de Provence was born. This delicately flavored and moist organic, gluten free cake is impossibly fresh and pure tasting, thanks to locally churned butter and delicious almonds. Baked and sealed in its own pan, the moisture and freshness is thus retained for your tasting and pleasure.

  • Size 6 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in thickness
  • Facts 7.95 oz. Product of France
  • Ingredients Eggs*, almonds* 30%, brown cane sugar*, churn butter*, chocolate powder* 13%, Madagascar vanilla powder*. *Ecologically grown product. Produced in a factory that handles hazelnuts.