Epicurien Mustard with Espelette Chili 7 oz

by Epicurien
$ 6.30

A SOFI Award finalist (speciality food's highest honor), this Espelette Chili Mustard is like no other! With it's grainy texture and light touch of heat, this mustard delights your taste buds in two ways. The spice of the Espelette chili balances perfectly with the acidity of the mustard seeds and vinegar creating a unique and addicting flavor, while the mustard seeds provide a coarse texture. Add this Espelette Chili mustard to a sandwich, a pork rub, or simply use it in your every day life!

  • Facts 7.05 oz. Product of France.
  • Ingredients water, mustard seeds, vinegar, chili sauce (Espelette chili flesh (84%), diluted vinegar, water, salt): 18%, salt.