Magiya Vostoka Adjika Spice 0.5 oz. (15g)

by Magiya Vostoka
$ 1.95

Adjika is a flavorful spice that is used in Russian and Eastern European cuisine to add a little spice and heat to meals. Give this recipe a try: sauté onions in olive oil until tender. While sautéing, take 1 tablespoon Adjika and mix with ½ cup of water. Once onions are ready, add (oil included) to the Adjika and mix until it forms a sauce/paste. Add mixture to your favorite type of beans for a meal with a Russian twist! Did you know Russian products have a production date on them? If you see a date from the past, don’t worry, that’s when it was packed

  • Facts: 0.5 oz. Product of Russia.