Karine & Jeff Organic French Pesto (Pistou) Soup 24.3 oz. (690 g)

by Karine & Jeff
$ 8.45

Full of perfectly cooked white beans and potatoes, this French Pesto Soup is a hearty meal that will warm your soul. Heat this soup up with a nice piece of crusty bread for a perfect meal. Karine & Jeff make some of the most stupendous soups that are always flavorful and full of veggies. This jar serves 3 and has no GMOs, is dairy free, certified organic, and Vegan friendly.

  • Facts: 24.3 oz. Product of France.
  • Ingredients: White beans*, Carrots*, Potatoes*, Zucchini*, Turnips*, Green beans*, Leeks*, Tomatoes*, Extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil*, Basil*, Unrefined sea salt, Garlic*, Oregano*, Ground pepper*. Allergens: produced in a facility that uses wheat, soy and celery; applying best practices to avoid contact with shared equipment. *organic produce.