Sanko Arare Rice Crackers (6 Packs) 4.8 oz. (136g)

by Sanko
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Arare is a tiny cracker made from rice and flavored with soy—the combination makes it one of the most popular snack items in Japan. The best part? Each bag comes with different types of arare so you get a variety of flavorful surprises every time. Hawaiians have already been enjoying this fun snack for decades, often mixing it with popcorn. How will you enjoy yours?

  • Facts 4.8 oz. Product of Japan. 
  • Ingredients Glutinous rice, peanut, palm oil, soy sauce (soybean, wheat, salt), corn starch, sugar, black soybean, salt dextrin, seaweed, shrimp, nonglutinous rice, seasoning, yeast extract, almond powder, black pepper, kelp extract, dried bonito extract, prptein hydrolysate (soybean, snapper), red pepper, mushroom extract, mayonnaise powder, egg, powder, vinegar powder, fish sauce, spice, skim milk powder, monosodium glutamate (amino acid), caramel color, paprika color, spice extract. Contains peanuts, almond, shrimp, soybean, wheat, bonito, egg, snapper, fish.