Jam Empire Blackcurrant Jam 19.4 oz. (550 g)

by Jam Empire
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Blackcurrant Jam is extremely popular in Europe and Russia but a lot of Americans are unfamiliar. Fear not, Yummy Bazaar is here. Blackcurrant Jam is a blend of sweet and sour. It’s similar to a blueberry but has a deeper, earthier taste. There are whole Blackcurrants in this jam and they are similarly textured to raisins. This Blackcurrant Jam is delicious on toast, pastries, or really anything you can think of. Because it is sweet and sour, try it on a cream cheese and Blackcurrant Jam tea sandwich!

  • Facts: 19.4 oz. Product of Russia.
  • Ingredients: Blackcurrants, Water, Sugar.