Jacquet Authentic Belgian Waffle 10 Pack

by Jacquet
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$ 15.95

This Authentic Belgian Waffle is made with sugar pearls and wrapped individually. You can enjoy this Waffle right out of the package or reheat it. Made with natural ingredients, this Belgian Waffle from Jacquet Bakery is delicious with fresh fruit, ice cream, chocolate or whipped cream! Since 1885 Jacquet Bakery has been a household name in France, one taste and it will quickly be one for yours too!

  • Facts:åÊ3.5 oz x 10. Product of Belgium.
  • Ingredients:åÊWheat flour, Concentrated butter, Sugar, Milk, Eggs, Yeast, Invert sugar, Salt.åÊALLERGENS: WHEAT, EGGS, MILK.