Italian Risotto Mix with Chicory by Marinella 7 oz

by Marinella
$ 4.45

Mixed with Italian Carnaroli rice, a medium-grained rice grown in northern Italy, this very authentic and delicious Italian risotto can be prepared in just 17 minutes! Simply add this risotto mixture in a large frying pan with half glass of white wine, and let it fry for twi minutes. Add 7 or 8 glasses of hot water and cook for about 15 minutes, stirring from time to time. Add salt, butter and Parmesan cheese to taste. Buon appetito! A classic Italian risotto is ready! 

Do you know... 

Carnaroli rice keeps its shape better than other forms of rice during the slow cooking required for making risotto due to higher quantities of amylose present within. It is often described as being "the king of rices".

  • Facts 7 oz. Product of Italy.
  • Ingredients Italian Carnaroli rice 92%, chicory 3%, glutamate free granular broth (potato starch, yeast extract, potato maltodextrin, carrots, celery, sunflower oil, ginger, rosemary, nails of carnation, salt) 3%, onion 1%, tomatoes 1%.