Hengstenberg - Barrel Pickles, Germany, 57.5 oz. (1700 ml)

by Hengstenberg
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Pickle lovers, rejoice! This is a super-large size of Hengstenberg’s famous Barrel Pickles is for you! It contains plenty of large, whole Gherkin Pickles in a flavorful vinegar spiced with dill, paprika, and mustard seeds. Find out why these Hengstenberg Pickles have been rated by many as Germany’s Number 1 pickle! Since 1876, connoisseurs throughout the world have prized Hengstenberg specialties, including delicately savory vinegar flavors, traditional sauerkraut, German mustards and condiments.

Ingredients: gherkins, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt, dill, paprika, onions, mustard seeds, natural flavors