12 Pack Henaff Pork Liver Confit with Herbs of Provence

by Henaff
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$ 82.95

H̩naff uses locally raised, fresh pork and includes only the best morselsåÊto produce their Confit. This Pork Liver Confit has an exceptionally fine texture and unforgettable taste.åÊBased in Brittany and family owned and operated since 1907, H̩naff is the only French pork producer authorized by the USDA to export to the US. The flavor of Pork Liver with aromatic Herbs of Provence will have you feeling like you are in France!

  • Facts: 3.2 oz. x 12. Product of France.
  • Ingredients: Pork, Pork livers, Cognac, Salt, Spices.åÊ