12 Pack Henaff Authentic French Pork Pate

by Henaff
$ 43.45

ThisåÊfamous blue tin is unmistakable. The famous P̢t̩ H̩naff is a traditional food stuff in Brittany and beyond; the recipe dates back 100 years. It is made of pork (96%), spices, and a certain "je ne sais quoi," whose secret is jealously guarded by the H̩naff family. H̩naff uses fresh meat reared in the neighborhood and includes the best morsels of pork, like the hams and fillets, to produce a p̢t̩ with an exceptionally fine texture and unfogettable taste. It is aged six weeks before selling.

  • FactsåÊ5.4 oz. x 12. Product ofåÊFrance.
  • IngredientsåÊPork with ham, water, salt, spices, sodium nitrite.