Henaff French Pork Pate De Campagne 4.5 oz. x 12

by Henaff
$ 45.70

H̩naff uses pork raised locally and a minimum of additives to produce the most popular p̢t̩s in France. Based in Brittany and family-owned and -operated since its founding in 1907.åÊ

This p̢t̩ de campagne is inspired by ‰ÛÏfourmaj rouz,‰۝ a traditional Breton p̢t̩.

  • FactsåÊ4.5 oz. x 12. Product ofåÊFrance.
  • IngredientsåÊPork, pork livers, egg white, onions, maize modified starch, salt, spices, sodium nitrite.