Benoit French Red Rice from Camargue 17.6 oz

by Benoit
$ 4.85

The Camargue, a flat marshy region just south of Arles formed by the Rhône delta, is famous for its salt flats, horses, bulls, cowboys, flamingoes . . . and rice. Rice cultivation in the area goes back to the 14th century, aided by the relatively constant temperature, bright light, and the beneficial effect of the Mistral (the north wind). Today, rice is the major crop of Camargue. The Benoîts are fourth-generation rice-growers and offer an attractive range of rices, packaged in sachets printed with the work of an Arlesien artist. The most famous of rices from the Camargue, this is a long-grain rice with a striking rusty-red color and a wonderfully chewy texture. It is good warm or in salads, where its firm texture holds up well.   

  • Facts 17.6 oz. Product of France
  • Ingredients Long grain red rice.