Fire Eater

by Yummy Bazaar
$ 54.95

Do you know someone who has a taste for fire?! Delight any spice junkie with the Fire Eater gift set! True to its name, this gift set is loaded with some of the hottest products from around the world. Give your fire eater recipient a taste of Habanero Jerky, Extra Strong Mustard from France, Calabrian Hot Pepper Tapenade, spicy Jolokia Salsa and Spanish Paprika Picante! Any spice fan will be most thrilled to try their tastes against the ultimate hotness: Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce and La Segadora Reaper Hot Sauce! The best part? These aren’t just full of heat, they are also full of flavor! 

In the case when product(s) are not available, we may substitute the unavailable products with products that are equal or great value.