Elixir of Morels by Distillerie du Perigord 6.8 oz

by Distillerie du Perigord
$ 14.95

Delicately seasoned, these amazing infusions add a heady whiff of tasty and rare truffles and mushrooms to a broad range of dishes. They can be used to deglaze, marinate, and flambe meat, poultry, and fish dishes and to subtly perfume risottos, soups, and purees. The taste is concentrated because the alcohol used to macerate the truffles, morels, and porcinis evaporates upon cooking, leaving behind their essence: a full, rich, and earthy taste. Just add one tablespoonful per person at the end of cooking, stir and serve.              

  • Facts 6.8 oz. Product of France.
  • Ingredients White wine, fortified wine, morels macerated in alcohol (water alcohol, morels), natural flavoring, alcohol, water, salt, coloring: caramel, oleoresins of pepper and chili pepper. Contains sulfites.