El Almendro Spanish Turron Gift Pack 10.6 oz. (400g)

by El Almendro
$ 24.95

Turrón is a traditional Spanish sweet made of almonds and caramel (honey and sugar). El Almendro’s turrón cakes are an essential part of the Spanish holiday season. Do not peel the soft light white cookie wafer. It is there to be eaten! Many people think it is a paper film…but it is not!

  • Facts: 10.6 oz. Product of Spain.
  • Imperial Almond Turron IngredientsAlmonds (63%), honey (18.7%), sugar, wafer (potato starch and sunflower oil) and Egg white.  
  • Caramelized Almond Turron Ingredients: Almonds (60%), sugar, honey and wafer (potato starch and sunflower oil). May contain traces of other nuts (hazelnuts, cashews and walnuts) and egg.